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We are Energy

Energies are a fundamental part of our deepest self; they are related to our ability to connect spiritually. It unites you with the whole, to interact in a total form on the living matter and produce the balance within the necessary changes in our life and our body and mind.

These energies can manifest in different ways, considering having the power to influence our lives. Every thought or action we make releases energy around us with the power to influence those around us whether positive or negative. The deeper our connection with ourselves and others, the better results are obtained in personal development, healing, love, creativity, and inner peace.

How to Start my Spiritual Path?

We all have control over our life and our body, it is just a matter of discovering the right energetic and spiritual side and at the right time to connect more with our inner self. Many times, it is hard to take risks or we are hesitant to do something different to help us with our energetic channel, but it is the best way to grow and be in harmony with ourselves achieving our happiness.

The practice of yoga is a perfect example of how we can use energy and personal connection to generate something positive in everything around us, improving our routine and breathing habits.

With the practice of yoga, we seek to connect with our body and mind to direct our energy, improving our emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.

Meditation is another example of inner calm but also helps us to become aware of how we interact with those around us. The goal is to achieve internal and external balance to be able to flow naturally and freely with others, benefiting from positive energy to be a better person every day.

Start to love yourself, to change your habits starting with these simple processes and self-healing, and start working on simple steps such as being compassionate, and kind, in making those around you feel good. True spirituality is based on how much love you give to others and how much you give to yourself.

By Majo Sosa

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