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The Power of I Am

The human mind is so powerful that we often do not give it the value it deserves and use it to our advantage in a positive way.

Our affirmations must be in the present timeline to get what we want. Avoid using words like "I need", and "I want" or emotions of insecurity. Instead, always affirming that you have what you desire, replacing those words with "I am".

The Power of Affirmations

When you say I am, whatever you put after these two simple words have great power to define you and make real what you put after them.

The power of these two words is given by us and what we claim for ourselves, is how we see ourselves reflected and what we create for personal use, is what you tell the universe that you accept, and the universe gives you exactly what you manifest. As long as it is positive.

Here are some tips that will help you change your life projection habits.

  • Pay attention to your thoughts

A fundamental part of doing effective work with affirmations is to pay attention to what's on your mind consistently. Connect more with your mind and your thoughts in a positive way to get better results and dedicate a little time to it day by day.

  • Don't get carried away by others

Worry about what you think and feel without others having to tell you, connect more with yourself, and accept yourself so that others do. Change from now on so that it is reflected in your present.

  • Positive affirmation

Consider that what you live now is the result of what you have been going through in the past. What you think and change today will be reflected as time goes by and you will feel more pleased. In this way, you will gradually change all the negative thoughts.

From now on, develop an awareness of the way you think, the way you identify yourself, and the words you say after the I am, or I have, remember to always do it in a positive way. Decide to take the power of your own thoughts, your own words, and what you project to the universe to create the life you truly desire.

By Majo Sosa

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