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Reach your Happiness

We all have days when we can't control our emotions, whether it's work, school, or just our daily routine.

Happiness is the feeling of well-being and fulfillment we experience when we achieve our goals, desires, and purposes, feeling good about ourselves.

To achieve it, it is essential that you plan yourself, setting goals to achieve without procrastinating.

Happiness is very subjective and often we wonder what it is, where to find it, and how to direct our life to achieve it. And we agree that happiness comes when we perform activities that generate gratification and joy.

But sometimes we forget that there is something more important than the search for happiness, which is to be happy with oneself.

Recommendations to be Happy

Here we will share with you some tips to live a fuller life and have the ability to begin to evaluate what happiness is for me.

  • Discover what motivates you: It is essential to know what we like and what we enjoy the most. This way we will be able to dedicate more time to the things that really make us happy.

  • Enjoy every step - Wanting to achieve all our goals as soon as possible generates some anxiety that causes us to see that it takes longer than planned. Seeking to reach the goal with tranquility and enjoying the process, will generate greater satisfaction and happiness as we move forward.

  • Love yourself: Many times, we seek affection, love, and recognition from other people instead of doing it for ourselves. When we realize that having good self-esteem and loving ourselves is more gratifying and important than what others may think of us. That is when we will be closer to happiness.

  • Live in the present - Stop living in the past and leave it where it belongs will make it even easier for us to achieve happiness. Enjoying the good moments and focusing on the here and now.

  • Positive thoughts: Every night before going to sleep, it is advisable to think about the positive things that were done during the day. If we manage to turn this into a habit, we will be programmed in an unconscious way our mind will give more importance to the good things than the bad ones.

To avoid fracturing our effectiveness stop being afraid of losing and start being afraid of not winning by seeking opportunities ourselves and achieving our goals. Reach your happiness with what feels good and positive, accepting your reality no matter how hard it may be.

"That day I decided to change so many things... That day I learned that dreams are only to come true. Since that day I no longer sleep to rest... Now I simply sleep to dream."

- Walt Disney

By Majo Sosa

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