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Mental Health and "the other pandemic".

For many years it was believed that dealing with the mental and psyche problems was only for the "crazy" and "insane", and one of the resolutions for those who suffered from some condition that affected their mental wellbeing, was categorical: the asylum.

The misnamed "asylums", today known as Mental Health Institutions, were crowded with people who had various conditions that today are treated with medications or with different therapies, which it has been scientifically proven, can and have been able to cure these conditions.

Women with hormonal problems were considered "hysterical" and in the 18th to 20th centuries, hysteria was considered a severe female mental illness. Such was the seriousness of the condition that women were locked up until their menstrual period had passed.

Likewise, the vast majority of illnesses were diagnosed as insanity, stupidity and even schizophrenia, a serious condition that affects the way in which an individual thinks, feels and behaves, causing them to lose their sense of reality. This condition, among many others, can be treated with some medications and in all cases, with therapies and meditation.

Since then, mental health has been sought at all costs, although with unorthodox, painful methods and with very little scientific basis.

COVID-19 pandemic: Our minds collapsed

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, which began in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, the world stood still, and turned us all upside down; time stood still for us and with it our mental health collapsed. The confinement, the zero contact with our beloved ones and the virtuality of life, put more than one of us in check.

Millions of people around the world got to know closely the other pandemic: anxiety and depression, or at least they put a face and name to it, and saw themselves reflected in the neighbor across the street, who apparently suffered from similar symptoms: despair, unexplained fatigue, palpitations (tachycardia), confused thoughts, a negative and unstoppable negative mind.

All this, together with the significant number of deaths and contagions that occurred, gave rise to the other pandemic: the one of mental illnesses. The one that almost reached all of us, and that even destabilized more than one person, in addition to the instability already generated by the coronavirus.

To mitigate the uncomfortable symptoms, many of us earthlings chose to exercise and get in shape, others started to cook and share recipes through social networks; many others discovered the power of meditation, breathing and yoga.

From those who discovered that meditation, breathing and yoga made them feel calm and brought them back to the stability we yearned for at the time. Emotional support groups emerged, hundreds of psychologists and mental health professionals, provided free or affordable therapies... from disaster and chaos, we created a pretty order resulting from the relentless pursuit of our physical, mental and emotional well-being. This is where it all began.

World Mental Health Day

This October 10 World Mental Health Day was commemorated around the world.

"aims to raise awareness of mental health issues worldwide and mobilize efforts in support of mental health (NHMRC, 2022)."

With this day so significant for many, it is sought that the promoters and advocates of mental health, have the opportunity to make visible the emotional situation of human beings so that we can receive proper care and care of our emotions as a guarantee.

In NAW JUST BREATHE, we promote appropriate practices to achieve mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, and we privilege, through content developed by a large group of mental health professionals, fitness, art and various disciplines such as yoga, meditation, musicology, among others.

Subscribe now to our wellness program and start enjoying the benefits of meditation, yoga, fitness, art and music. At NAW, we are faithful believers that mental health should be paramount and the first goal of life, in a globalized world saturated with sensitive information.

Start now, it's never too late.

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