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Learn How to Heal

Has it ever happened to you that you don't find yourself or don't know how to feel good? No matter how strong or easy the connection is, there are people who are not emotionally available, and do not take it personally, all people come to teach us something, but not all come to stay. We are not for everyone and not everyone is for us.

It is precisely the pace at which we live our days that impacts the way we create our experiences, desires, and feelings, busy more often in tomorrow, without paying enough attention to the now.

Life is made of moments, they can be very short or long, nowadays most of them are very short, "fleeting moments" some authors would say, and this is why it is more and more challenging to make a connection with people. That it is this way does not mean that it is bad, there are people who are for a while, others for a while, and others for life; we must learn to distinguish them to take advantage of every moment, whether it is a fleeting moment or for a long time.

If we are there to meet other people, we must consider that we do not have to leave ourselves, abandon our dreams, change, or do anything to fit in with someone else. We should never minimize ourselves to fit into a circle that may not be ideal. Adult, clear, honest relationships are worth building and will teach you to enjoy and celebrate who you are.

Being alone is a gift to get to know yourself and other people. Let's stop seeing it as a transition period where we wait for someone to "complete" us. Let's start living knowing that our happiness does not depend on someone outside of us. Let's learn to cultivate other areas of our life and then when someone comes along it will only add to the life you already have and instead of a need, it will become a decision.

We cannot give what we do not have and what we are not, that is why it is essential to be authentic and give what we are, let's learn from each person who comes into our lives, whether good or bad experiences because by the simple fact of being a learning experience, it is already positive for our lives. Be happy and do not take things to heart, forgive, learn, make mistakes, and enjoy, in other words ... heal.

By Majo Sosa

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