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Immerse Yourself in Music

Music allows us to connect with our emotions which helps us feel better in many ways both emotionally and physically. Few people know that listening to music would be one of the activities that activate all areas of our brain. Thanks to this, this habit could have benefits for the whole body.

Many studies show that music not only serves to relax us, which is what many seek in it but also serves as therapy for mood, stress management, anxiety, or fatigue. The brain releases a chemical substance called dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that is essential for the motor function of the body to make you feel good.

What Does Music Bring Us?

The benefits of music are innumerable and here we bring you some positive effects.

  • Reduce anxiety - listening to music reduces stress levels and causes an increase in the feeling of pleasure.

  • Improve mood.- when listening to music, it benefits overall well-being, helping to regulate emotions, and increasing relaxation, self-esteem, and optimism in everyday life.

  • Improves exercise - Listening to music during exercise can improve performance by 15%, as it distracts us from pain and fatigue, elevating mood for endurance and promoting metabolic efficiency, according to Dr. Costas Karageorghis.

  • Improves memory - Melody and rhythm help the brain to enhance memory in creative ways, helping to remember things that are lost and even maintain some mental skills.

  • Reduces depression - Can be reduced over time by listening to music because of the ability to communicate emotions and connect more with you, creating a happy and positive mood.

  • To socialize: Music unites and has been a meeting point for people to share similar tastes and passions, meet new people, expand their social life and be part of different groups with different musical tastes to share.

Music is so present in our daily lives that we can't imagine what our life would be like without it. No matter what genre you most enjoy listening to, the sense of joy, happiness, and excitement that our favorite songs convey makes it even more special. As time goes by, it has been proven that music favors in many aspects in people and that it makes you connect with yourself to know your tastes and preferences.

By Majo Sosa

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