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Every human being has a unique purpose, a specific mission that only he or she can do.

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

What is the purpose of life, why do we exist, and why are we on Earth?

What essential things of our true identity have we forgotten and are necessary to fulfill our life purpose?

We human beings on planet Earth perceive the 3rd dimension, which means that there is a first and second dimension. So we could deduce that there could be more dimensions. Why should we stop counting at the third as if it were the last? I have always intuited and deduced that if there are one, two, and three dimensions, it is highly probable that there are four, five, or more dimensions. There is nothing to prove that there are only 3 dimensions, the difference is that we can only perceive the third dimension. There are other living beings that can only perceive the 2nd dimension, for example, ants can only see in the plane, and in elevation, they cannot perceive depth like us human beings. And again I start with the same reasoning of reference. If we can perceive the ants in their three-dimensional integrity as human beings, and the ants cannot perceive us in a three-dimensional way,

surely, according to my reasoning, it could be that we are "the ants" of another entity that perceives a dimension superior to the 3rd era, consequently, if we are the "ants" of another consciousness, we are not capable of perceiving other superior dimensions to the 3rd, since our perception is limited to the 3rd dimension, which is three-dimensional. By deduction, there may be conscious and thinking beings or entities that exist in dimensions like the 4th and 5th that we cannot perceive and yet exist, according to my hypothesis. With this I do not want a suggestion towards "extraterrestrials" to be misunderstood, that is a very separate issue and has nothing to do with the issue of dimensions and the different perceptions we can have.

Dimensions are not places to which we go or rise in a vertical upward movement as it could be romantically interpreted. The dimensions are like invisible layers that are confused since they are all self-absorbed. Dimensions are not places, they are perceptions. The reality we live in can be experienced in these dimensions, most human beings experience the 3rd dimension, as the capacity for mental awareness, so to speak, becomes more subtle thanks to certain practices such as meditation, it is possible to begin to perceive the 4th and the 5th dimension. Few other human beings can access the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th dimensions. The creator of our universe is said to be in the 33rd dimension.

I have touched a narrow moment of what the 4th dimension is. Where the perception of time and space as we perceive it does not exist. The feeling was one of unity that connects everything, a feeling of being complete. The feeling was that of tenderness, close to Love and the Divine. It is said that in the 5th dimension a place is perceived that can be compared to what biblical texts call "paradise" where everything is kindness, harmony, and love. In the 6th dimension are the designers or architects of the realities that they are perceived in the multiple universes materialized in the 3rd dimension.

If this is a topic that interests you, I invite you to carry out a search that resonates with you. A mentor who explains it very well from my perspective is Matias de Stefano.


Nadine Taranger


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