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Be Good To Yourself

Calmly, slowly pay attention to your breathing. Observe in your waking mind what you can manage to do.

Reasons to do Yoga

Today we live with stress, be it personal, emotional, or work, that does not allow us to connect with ourselves.

Yoga can be defined as a physical and mental discipline that helps maintain an emotional balance and at the same time keeps your body in good condition.

I bring you 5 benefits of doing Yoga.

  • Self-recognition – you develop skills with your body that make you connect and understand how it works by connecting with your inner self.

  • Strength – Natural postures that increase the strength of your muscles.

  • Flexibility – The more constant you are in yoga postures, the more elasticity you gain in your body.

  • Improved Breathing – The main objective of yoga practice is full breathing which increases lung capacity, improving our bad habit of shallow breathing.

  • Resistance – Giving proper follow-up to exercise with weekly goals improves our resistance and our personal care.

Learn to let go

Release that person once and for all. Not because you don't love him, but because you deserve to be loved too for who you are and what you're worth. You deserve that he strives to show you every day that he truly loves you and is not out of habit. Let it be 50/50 or 70/30 but never miss that 100%.

You deserve that someone is interested in hearing from you and that there are more times that make your days happy than those that make you sad.

You must learn to let go and love without depending.

If we don't learn to let go if we don't let go... If an attachment is stronger than us and we stay stuck to those dreams, fantasies, and illusions, the pain will grow, and sadness will be our companion on the road without realizing it.

Achieve what you dream of

Follow your goals, and your dreams and never stop for anything along the way. There will be obstacles and stones that do not allow us to move forward, but there is always a way out. In every gray cloud, there is a sunny day, and you must look for it.

Always remember to keep 3 things present, what you think, what you say, and what you feel they always go hand in hand to be able to achieve everything you set your mind to without affecting others.

5 places to meditate in Mexico City

Look for that peace and tranquility in these beautiful places that Mexico City has for you.

  • Buddhist Center of Mexico City

  • Chapultepec Audiorama

  • The Dynamos

  • Desert of the Lions

  • Coyoacán Nursery

Before sleep

Before going to sleep visualize a great day, a great week, or a great month. The mind creates what the mind believes.

Look for new goals, change your habits so you don't live in a routine, and improve your lifestyle by exercising, eating healthy, and learning new things. There is always something to do out of the ordinary. Become that extraordinary being.


Close the week by reflecting on your achievements, difficulties, and experiences. Learn from your mistakes and keep happy memories in mind that motivate you to improve day by day.

Take advantage of the end of the week to plan the new week with greater challenges that in the end are more satisfying than the previous one.

Connect with your interior and think that you are someone capable of achieving everything you want. Read a book, watch a series, go hiking, and get ready for new adventures.

By Majo Sosa

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