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As you Vibrate, you Transmit

Updated: Feb 27

Human beings are characterized by transmitting a special light, leaving something in people, it can be both positive and negative, it can be experiences, lessons, and moments that make them unique.

We know that we do not always get along with everyone and it has to do with interests, connections, and the vibe reflected.

People who transmit positive energy may have it innate in their being or decide to take the change for that attitude in their life, feeling better about themselves.

How do we know if we have a positive vibe?

There are non-defined characteristics, and it does not mean that a person must have all these characteristics to become a positive being.

  • Smile in any situation, these people are characterized by smiling when walking, and talking to other people and reflect that emotion constantly and even manage to spread the smile.

  • Positive people also have problems in their daily lives, but they manage to relativize the problems and see beyond the problem or difficulty in question. They see these situations differently and seek to make the most of any adversity that arises without getting stuck in conformism and comfort.

  • They take care of their body and mind, these people know that their body, mind, and soul are their home and always take care of it to feel good about themselves. Maintaining a balance either with reading, exercise, and food, achieving the benefits of endorphins and activation that they cause in them.

  • They take care of themselves and their environment, they connect so much with themselves that they enjoy their individuality and care for those around them, both friends and family, contributing their good qualities to improve their lives.

  • They show affection, and always they seek to transmit their positive energy with affection, either with a kiss, hug, or positive words that motivate them to be a better person. They focus on making the people around them feel loved, prioritizing their emotions before their own.

  • They enjoy the moment, and these people take advantage of every minute of being happy and practice it by enjoying all their activities to the fullest, transmitting all their joy to people and wherever they are.

  • They find inspiration in personal growth, they seek to make small changes constantly that result in achievements both for themselves and their environment, and they always seek to do something different that is meaningful and that does not become routine.

With these characteristics already mentioned use them as motivation day by day and help you develop all your positive energy, for yourself and others.

Your life will become increasingly peaceful when you stop caring what others think of you and avoid proving your point to everyone else, be always you, and live for yourself.

By Majo Sosa

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